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Screen Enclosures

Elite 2000 -- This is our high end extruded screen enclosure. It is a custom design system which has numerous variations. It can be adapted to many different styles with these variations. When completed, there are no screws or fasteners showing allowing for a very smooth uninterrupted finish. Elite 2000 screen enclosures come with custom doors made to your size design requirements.

We also offer a more standard, less expensive screen enclosure. We can provide lineals in lengths of your choice or pre-cut / pre-fab your wall systems in our plant.

All screen enclosures can be adapted with any one of our patio cover/roof systems.

Elite 2000 Screen Enclosure
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The Elite 2000

Elite 2000 Screen EnclosureElite 2000 Screen RoomElite 2000 Screen Rooms

The 2" E-Screen

2 Inch E-Screen Enclosure. 2 Inch Screen Enclosure.