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Basement Wall Systems

F and M offers two similar but different basement wall systems featuring Elite Aluminum’s insulated panel system.

The Tuff Wall System is a three inch insulated panel system. The panels are held together with extruded aluminum vertical “H” posts, an aluminum bottom track which has an optional electrical channel if needed and an aluminum top cap. The wall panels come in various finishes including aluminum, vinyl, and many other special order finishes. The Tuff Wall is a stationary system which is intended for permanent use.

The Majestic System is also a three inch insulated panel system. The panels are held together with a vertical batten/clip cover system. The aluminum bottom track also comes with an optional electrical channel.

The Majestic Wall System panels come with a vinyl backing which gets installed toward your unfinished basement wall creating a vapor barrier. The living room side of the panel comes with a 3\8 inch thick magnesium oxide wall board attached, then covered with an almond colored wall paper. The combination of the vinyl on one side and the magnesium oxide on the other gives you a unique insulator that also deters mold and mildew.

The Majestic Wall System allows for easy removal of any single panel, to expose any area of the basement that may need your attention for plumbing or other maintenance issues.

Both systems come with adjustable brackets to allow for the walls to stand at varying distances from your existing walls. This bracket allows for you to build around any existing pipes.

*Either system can also be used to section off any portion of your finished or unfinished basement for use as an additional bathroom, storage area or simply as a partition.


Tuff Wall System
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Basement Wall Systems

Tuff Wall SystemTuff Wall SystemTuff Wall System